Saturday, 30 May 2015

Looking Back

Finishing school for(hopefully)ever a few weeks back has left me with very little to do with my time and so out of curiosity I decided to see if I could even remember the password to this account. To my surprise out of a possible 4 username and password combinations I cracked it second time round and entered the ol' blog that I used to maintain. To say the least, now as an 18 year old soon to face moving out of home and into the big bad world of adult responsibilities and budgeting... I cringed, I cringed a bloody hell of a lot and in fact, I'm still cringing. But now I'm left with a decision; to start this bad boy up again or not. As much as the 15/16 year old me loved writing about fashion and beauty, I've found where my true interests lie and maybe this isn't so much the topic for me anymore, I've changed as a person from my ideas to my perception of the world and I'm excited for whatever lies ahead for this space of mine (if anything at all).

Thanks for reading through this little ramble if you did, I appreciate it!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Fools on Parade

Lately all I've been wanting to do is go out, take millions of photos on a disposable camera and find a way to create something so visually appealling with them that I cannot express my thoughts in words, bit deep but you get me? I've been scrolling through tumblr a lot lately just drooling over all of these photos. It makes me want to go out & explore all the places in my area that I've never been to before and just capture every moment. Cutting out the crap and just taking plain, simple photos of the environment and objects that sit in front of me. Creating art out of the everyday things that we, or should I say 'I' take for granted. I've been a fool for not realising the beauty of the things I see each day & so I thought I'd write this little rambly, chatty post for today to pretty much express my new found appreciation of everything. I've also only just noticed that all of the photos above are blue,  I guess I've been drawn to that colour today - cool!

I think I'll leave you with some songs to listen to that match my philosophical (if that's what you'd call it) mood:

Arctic Monkeys- Secret Door (title inspo) // Foals - Milk & Black Spiders

*all photos taken from Tumblr

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Moody Monday 03

mm tartan

I've been loving the whole tartan craze this season and i think it's fair to say that I am borderline OBSESSED! I mean, who could resist red & green plaid? I know I can't! This collection of tartan beauties is just a tiny portion of some of the stuff I've been eyeing up lately.

The first being a tartan pinafore-y playsuit thing from New Look. How cute is this?? Chuck me over a pair of docs or chunky boots & a simple tee and this is a winner in my eyes! Paired with a leather jacket, this could quite possibly be the cool outfit on the planet (in my opinion).

This PVC and tartan dress from Topshop is another treasure I've spotted. Grungy, cute and versatile rolled into one, this piece is perfect for all those not too casual, not too dressy days. Paired with chunky boots, tights and a tee this look is pretty with a hint of edginess - AMAZING!!

My favourite of all the pieces has got to be these tartan cigarette style trousers. Quirky yet elegant, these trousers are a must have (for me anyway).  Styled with a simple back cami and gold jewellery these are perfect for any occasion, I love em'!

Finally, this collared tartan top from Zara is so darn cute! It's peplum style makes it perfect for any shape or size & it's collar adds that extra little hint of prettiness! I just need it! Paired with black trousers and heels, this top can look both dressy & casual - result!

Have you been liking the tartan trend? 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Feelin' Feline w/ L'Oreal

Wow, it's been quite a while since my last post. Last week was definitely the most hectic my life has been in a while (I might do an update), so yesterday I thought I'd treat myself to a new product. As you may know from other posts of mine, I love love love winged liner & I always seem to be on the hunt for the perfect eye product! When I spotted the new L'Oreal stall at my local pharmacy I couldn't resist having a good ol' rummage through they're liners & ended up picking the 'Super Liner Perfect Slim' one! It cost me £4.99, which isn't too steep in my opinion plus the packaging is AMAZING!

The tip of the liner is super slim making it perfect for creating flicks, wings or lines of any thickness. It's also sooo easy to just glide on and go (rather than having to dip & apply). As far as I'm aware it's only available in 'Intense Black' but the pigment is great, it does apply pretty dark so I guess you need to be quite careful if you're in a rush! Lastly, it's really long lasting. It doesn't come off easily during the day, however wipes off like a dream with regular cleanser or eye makeup remover! It's a winner!

Have you tried this before? 

Monday, 19 August 2013

Moody Moody 02

mm #2

It's been a week since my last post (I've been pretty busy!) & so today you'll be seeing another 'Moody Monday' post, woo (or not!)!

I've been loving florals & in particular, floral trousers - I just gotta have a pair! I especially love this pair because (if you don't already know) I love blue! I've also been on the hunt for a pair of really fitted (with a little bit of baggy-ness) trousers & so these combine 2 in 1, result!
As for tops, I'd definitely keep it kinda cool and wear a black cami (this one is from Topshop) just to tone it down a little make the trousers more of a statement.
I'd also pair it with chunky boots from H&M to add a little edginess and make it more me (plus, who doesn't want to wear comfy shoes??)!
I've also been loving cuffs (they're just AMAZING!!!), this one is pretty plain & adds a little hint of elegance.

So that's it for this weeks 'Moody Monday'  some songs I've been listening to are;

Alt-J - Fitzpleasure // Bastille - These Streets // Arctic Monkeys - Old Yellow Bricks

Monday, 12 August 2013

Moody Monday


So, I've decided that I'm going to start little mood board posts on this blog every Monday (maybe not every, but I'll try!). I'm going to call it 'Moody Monday' because: 1.on Monday I'm pretty moody & 2. I'm bad at puns but I thought this one fitted quite well (haha!).

This past year I've developed a real love for vintage/biker/grunge style clothing. I don't mean I like to dress in black leather from head to toe, but I do like to sprinkle some of it into my outfits (just to edge it up a little). Leather jackets in particular have become a staple, I picked up the 'Clean Biker Jacket' from Topshop back in January & now every time I wear it I feel like I need a moped or motorbike to complete me (probably not the greatest idea)!

I've also been loving chunky boots! Whether they be Chelsea, Biker or Cutout - I've been feelin' the need to try on every single pair (well, maybe that's an exaggeration but I just love em'!). This pair from are next on my list - that platform, eh? AMAZING!

The sun hasn't been out as much but I can still live in hope, right? So I thought I'd include these sunnies into the mix as they're just too cute! I'm loving the bridge bar - so retro, plus the round frame gives that effortless vintage (HAIM sister - esque) vibe! Love it!

I guess that's it for my first 'Moody Monday' post. I might just leave a couple of songs below for you to listen to if you're feelin' like a bit of music.

M83 - Outro // Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension // Foals - Providence

Thursday, 8 August 2013

They're Real!

Yesterday, I took part in the #bbloggers chat on twitter & read so many negative tweets about this product (whattt?). I received this as a Christmas present last year & ever since, I've loved it! So, I thought I'd get the magnifying glass out & do a little review (or investigation) on this 'Marmite'- like product.  To start off, Benefit have got it all right on the packaging side of things, the bottle is really lovely! However, for (a quite hefty) £19.50, you'd only expect to have the best bottle about! 

The formula, for me, is amazing! It's doesn't flake or crumble throughout the day (woo hoo!) & it's staying power is magnificent - making it perfect for if you have a busy schedule! The 'jet black' colour (which I'll admit I was a bit wary of) makes lashes stand out (result!). When I first received this I wasn't too sure about the wand, I've never been a fan of plastic wands & I initially thought that the bristles were quite stumpy, but I find that it works perfectly with the formula to create thick, voluminous lashes (what more does a girl want?)!

I have to say, I'll definitely be repurchasing this (& will probably gift this to friends too!) as I love it so much! So...yeah, I'm a fan!

Have you tried this product? What do you think?