Friday, 21 June 2013

Summer Break ☀

Saying as today is the longest day of the year I thought it would be nice to do something a little different from the usual... So here it is!
The summer break has begun for me (yesss!!) and as always I'm taking advantage of having to do nothing but lounge around all day, everyday - Great, right?! Not really! Every summer I seem to fall into this 'get up late, go to bed late' routine & it does nothing but prevent me from doing exciting, productive things. This year however, (queue the amazing plan that is not so amazing!) I have compiled a small list of little things (best to keep it simple!) I can do / work towards to make my break that little bit more exciting! It's not the neatest  - but I guess it's kinda cute & shows what a bit of boredom and sunshine can make you think about.

Most of the plans are achievable (except for number 4 - but I guess it is possible!) so I can't see why I couldn't tick them off. Hopefully I'll make the most of the free time I have (whether I will or not is a different story...) but I'll keep you posted on how the list works out for me!

Also, saying as I'm feeling the summer vibes I'll leave you with a couple of songs that I listen to that make me think of summer & sun;

Vampire Weekend - A-Punk // The Drums - Let's Go Surfing // Vampire Weekend - Holiday

I swear, Vampire Weekend just make the best 'feel good' summery songs - give them a whirl (if you haven't already!) & tell me what you think or if you've made any plans for Summer!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Summer Scent | Benefit 'Laugh with me LeeLee'

June has arrived and the sun has arrived along with it (which has sparked this little post). I thought I'd write about my favourite perfume for Spring/Summer. I received Benefit's perfume 'Laugh with me LeeLee' as a gift last year and I haven't stopped loving it! It has a lovely light, fresh smell making it perfect for those hot sunny days when stronger perfumes can be too overpowering.

I use this perfume regularly and don't carry the bottle around with me but it does happen to keep it's smell all day (so there is no need for constant topping up!- well, unless you like your perfume to linger!). I prefer to have a light perfume as sometimes I find that strong perfumes can become sickening throughout the day, this perfume is great for people similar to me as it does not change over time and the scent remains the same from the very first spritz (woo!)! Benefit products are always presented beautifully and the packaging of this perfume does not disappoint. It just looks so cute and looks really pretty just sitting in my room (and will continue to even when it's all gone!!).