Friday, 27 April 2012

DIY | Half Moon Nails

Yesterday, I was just casually surfing the internet when I came across a couple of simple nail designs that I loved! I spotted this one and decided to go all out and do a DIY! The best thing about this look is it's sophisticated style -  it's suitable for dressy nights out, in the workplace or sitting at home. You can mix and match your favourite colours to suit your mood, clothes or situation. 
Let's get started...

Begin by choosing two contrasting colours;

Above: NYC- Bowery Black

 Above: NYC - Pinstripe White

Start by choosing the colour of the 'Half Moon', I decided to use  NYC - Pinstripe as it is bright and stands out against the black

Wait until your 'Half Moon' colour dries. 

Once dried, paint the surrounding nail in the other colour of your choice, I decided to use NYC - Bowery Black. 

When completed, neaten the curve of the 'Half Moon' and apply a second coat or top coat of your choice, this will ensure long lasting colour. 

Have fun trying this simple, 
fun look.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

DIY | Pointed Manicure

Nail colours and designs are a great way to add character to your look without going over the top. I especially like the pointed manicure look, that has been worn by Rihanna and Beyoncé recently. And so, I have decided to do a spot of 'DIY'! I am going to show you how to do it without the hassle of a professional nail artist.

Start with neat & clean nails.

So...begin with two contrasting colours of your choice;

Above: Peppermint & Tangerine Queen - Rimmel London

Next, apply your chosen base colour;

Above: Base Coat - Tangerine Queen

For the pointed line you are going to begin by drawing one diagonal line from the top left third of the nail to the top centre of the nail;

Above: Peppermint Diagonal Line 

Then, we are going to do the exact same, only on the opposite side of the nail to create your triangular shape;

Above: Almost Complete Nails.

Finish with a top coat of your choice to ensure long-lasting colourful nails!

Above: Your Finished Nail Look!


Have fun with this simple look.