Saturday, 28 September 2013

Fools on Parade

Lately all I've been wanting to do is go out, take millions of photos on a disposable camera and find a way to create something so visually appealling with them that I cannot express my thoughts in words, bit deep but you get me? I've been scrolling through tumblr a lot lately just drooling over all of these photos. It makes me want to go out & explore all the places in my area that I've never been to before and just capture every moment. Cutting out the crap and just taking plain, simple photos of the environment and objects that sit in front of me. Creating art out of the everyday things that we, or should I say 'I' take for granted. I've been a fool for not realising the beauty of the things I see each day & so I thought I'd write this little rambly, chatty post for today to pretty much express my new found appreciation of everything. I've also only just noticed that all of the photos above are blue,  I guess I've been drawn to that colour today - cool!

I think I'll leave you with some songs to listen to that match my philosophical (if that's what you'd call it) mood:

Arctic Monkeys- Secret Door (title inspo) // Foals - Milk & Black Spiders

*all photos taken from Tumblr

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Moody Monday 03

mm tartan

I've been loving the whole tartan craze this season and i think it's fair to say that I am borderline OBSESSED! I mean, who could resist red & green plaid? I know I can't! This collection of tartan beauties is just a tiny portion of some of the stuff I've been eyeing up lately.

The first being a tartan pinafore-y playsuit thing from New Look. How cute is this?? Chuck me over a pair of docs or chunky boots & a simple tee and this is a winner in my eyes! Paired with a leather jacket, this could quite possibly be the cool outfit on the planet (in my opinion).

This PVC and tartan dress from Topshop is another treasure I've spotted. Grungy, cute and versatile rolled into one, this piece is perfect for all those not too casual, not too dressy days. Paired with chunky boots, tights and a tee this look is pretty with a hint of edginess - AMAZING!!

My favourite of all the pieces has got to be these tartan cigarette style trousers. Quirky yet elegant, these trousers are a must have (for me anyway).  Styled with a simple back cami and gold jewellery these are perfect for any occasion, I love em'!

Finally, this collared tartan top from Zara is so darn cute! It's peplum style makes it perfect for any shape or size & it's collar adds that extra little hint of prettiness! I just need it! Paired with black trousers and heels, this top can look both dressy & casual - result!

Have you been liking the tartan trend?