Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Feelin' Zesty

Today's polish is a little more daring than usual. I've decided to go with a bold orange as the sun is starting to disappear (aww!) & I need something else to brighten my day! This is Tangerine Queen by Rimmel London & I have to say I love it!! I've always been a fan of Rimmel nail polishes as I find they're really long lasting, plus they have every colour a girl could ever wish for! The consistency is fab & it takes seconds to dry (what more do you need?)!

I love this shade, it's super bright and I think it would look really good against a royal blue or navy outfit to add a little 'pop' of colour! I'm not sure whether it suits my skin tone though, because as always I'm very pale, but 'Who cares?' - I love it!

For £2.99 I think this polish is a real steal, it's great quality & basically has everything I look for in a nail product - amazing!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Battling Breakouts | La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

Today's post is something a little different. I'll be focusing on a skincare product that sadly didn't work for me despite lots of positive reviews I encountered.
During my exams a couple of months ago my skin started to breakout pretty badly (more than likely due to stress, lack of sleep & a rather rushed, unhealthy diet). Once I had all of my exams over & done with, I decided to do something about my skin and so went to my local pharmacy. I intended on purchasing some benzoyl peroxide gel or cream but instead, I was recommended La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo by the pharmacist. I never really tried 'La Roche-Posay' before, but I always considered it to be a 'high end' brand with a price tag to match. This tube cost £13.00, which to be honest gave me high hopes as I assumed it would have to be brilliant!

The consistency is really strange, it's like a really watery gel. I kind of feel like it's confused as to whether or not it's a liquid or a gel.  However, it does smell lovely and fresh - like lemon!

The bottle states that this can be applied morning & night and that it works as an excellent make-up base.
I used this morning and night for 6 days (probably not the best idea) & experienced a stinging sensation on the areas it was applied to, as well as this, it dried my skin up completely leaving it looking rough and flaky no matter how much moisturizer I applied, ughh. Taking all of this into account, I saw absolutely no improvements & so it was an absolute waste of time for me. Oh, and if you're wondering it took roughly 4-5 days for my skin to restore it's moisture again! This is just my experience with this product, obviously it will work differently for others but I feel that it's not as great as it is made out to be!

Have you tried this product? Or any other products by La Roche-Posay?

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Shopping Splurge + Update

Hi guys, it's been a while! Well, I guess 3 days isn't that long but it certainly feels much longer! As you can probably tell from the title, this post is going to be filled with lots of goodies I picked up whilst in the city. I took a glance in my wardrobe recently & felt like melting at the sight of all my sweaters, jumpers and jackets (I really underestimated this heatwave) so I was in need of some light, sun-suitable clothing that could see me through the heat. I stopped at Primark first (which explains why this post is so 'primark heavy') & picked up quite a lot of bits.

I've been in need of more basic t-shirts and tops as I just throw them on when I'm lounging around & decided to pick up a couple of 'boyfriend t-shirts' basically, baggy t-shirts! I'm a huge fan of baggy tees & love wearing them tucked into skinny jeans or skirts - these cost £4.00 so I couldn't resist (they're the two tops at the bottom by the way!)!
 I also picked up two cropped sweaters which I liked (they are the next two in the picture) as I thought they'd be great to chuck on at the beach when it starts to get a little cooler - as far as I can remember these were £6.00 (not bad!).
And lastly I grabbed two turtleneck crop tops. As these were £2.50 I just thought 'Why Not?' & threw them into my basket - I guess I can dress them up with high waisted trousers, shorts or a skirt.

While I was walking around I spotted these tribal print leggings and thought they were amazing! I also kinda got them to wear with the black crop top & because I don't ever really buy jazzy trousers. Then, to tone it down I grabbed these 'acid wash' or light denim jeggings - as they're so comfortable and easy to wear with anything, perfect for warm weather!

To top off the clothing I purchased this little ring in the style of a spring (ooh! That rhymes!) it was only £1.50 & if you've been reading my previous posts you'll know that recently I've been loving gold rings! As well as gold rings, I've been loving chains & spikes and when I saw both of these combined in this necklace I knew I had to get it, plus, it was only £2.50!

After Primark, I went for a little browse in HMV. I've been loving The Strokes recently and decided to buy their album 'Angles' which was £8.99 (woo!). I also went ahead and bought Arctic Monkeys 'Favourite Worst Nightmare' - I was debating whether or not to buy this because I already know all of the songs on it but it's that good of an album I couldn't say no! 
So... yeah! That rounds up my haul, well done if you made it this far! But on a serious note, Primark have some really nice things in at the moment - so if you haven't already, I would definitely recommend going for a browse! 

Now on to the update! I've reached 50 followers (woop woop!) I just want to say thanks to everyone for following me - I appreciate every follower & comment left and think it's so cool that people actually like my blog & read my posts! So, thanks guys for helping me reach my first milestone!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bold In Gold

I've really been loving gold lately; gold necklaces, gold rings & now gold eyeshadow. I never really bother with eyeshadow, but when I do I like to keep it subtle & I find that this gold shade by Barry M does the job perfectly! As you can probably tell from my previous posts I am a huge fan of Barry M products - I just think they're great quality and super affordable (everything I want in a brand!). As far as I can remember I bought this shadow in Boots for in and around £4.50 (which I think is reasonable enough). It's in the shade 09 & think it's called 'Tan', but I'm not sure. What I do know however, is that it is reallyyy shimmery & is quite heavily pigmented - brilliant! 

I've had this for roughly 10 months and have used it sparingly (because a little goes a long way) & I haven't even created the slightest dent - great! I also love love love the packaging! It's super sturdy and doesn't feel like it's going to crack or break any time soon & so does a great job of protecting the eye shadow (great if your clumsy like me!). 

Have you tried this product?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I put some new shoes on & suddenly everything is right

Hello there! Last week I was taking a bit of a browse at shoes on SportsDirect.com, I didn't really intend on buying a pair... until I saw these bad boys! To be completely honest, it wasn't the actual style of the shoe that made me want them, it was the colour (as sad as that sounds!)I’m a real sucker for pastel colours & this pastel blue (almost duck egg blue) had me sold! The best thing was however, the fact that they were reduced from £29.99 to £17.99 (what a bargain!!)! Unfortunately, I can't find them on the website to link them!

So, the shoes are suede and so soft – amazing! The design is pretty plain which means they’ll practically go with anything, but as you can probably tell from the above photos I’ll more likely be wearing them on days when I feel a little casual! I guess you could probably wear them with a bright dress if you wanted to tone it down a little during the day and keep it comfy! They’re lace up, but for some reason I think they look better with the laces tucked in (but that's just me!), they're super comfortable and so soft on the inside, so your feet aren't going to blister (woo!)! I'm not usually one for wearing trainers, but I love these! What do you think?

Also, I'll leave you with some shoe related songs that you can check out if ya feel like it!

Paolo Nutini - New Shoes // Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks // U2 - Get on your Boots  // Mac Miller - Nikes on my Feet

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Once in a Blue Moon

Today I found myself shifting through my little collection of nail polishes & once I spotted this lying at the very bottom of the bag I fell in love ( ugh, how cheesy!)! I completely forgot I had this polish & felt like I struck gold because it just summarized my mood today (woo!). I could only describe this colour as a milky blue (if that makes any sense?), it's quite a soft colour & isn't bold or intense on the nails. I really love wearing this colour with gold jewellery - It gives a little nautical vibe (ya gotta love it, right?).

The shade is 'Blue Moon' by Beauty UK & I must've bought this almost 3 years ago (pretty old!) but I'm sure it's still available in shops or drugstores. As much as I love this colour, the consistency of the polish was really watery and it took up to 4 coats to achieve the colour above! As well as this, it took forever to dry (bad if you're fidgety like me!)! According to the website, this polish costs £1.99 & so I guess the quality is reflected in the price. I'll definitely be looking for a similar shade by Barry M or OPI. I love it so much! 

Do you recommend any similar shades?

Friday, 12 July 2013

Snaps & Songs

This week I've been posting quite often & as I was short for ideas I thought I'd do a cute little 'week in snaps' post as I've really been making the most of the lovely weather! I've always loved photography & getting the camera out from time to time, but sadly due to exams, horrible weather (which often means terrible lighting) & procrastination (or laziness as it's otherwise known) I just haven't got round to taking many photos. So hopefully by doing a little post like this I can learn to get out & use my camera more than I have been!

Wearing Barry M Nail Paint in Berry Ice cream featured in this post // Homegrown Organic Strawberries picked & almost eaten with my very own 'green fingers' // An old foresty snap I found whilst looking through my camera

Another oldy I found of some abandoned boats (n'aww) // A real gem of a snap - my neighbour's cat lounging in the sun (laaaz-y) // A lipstick I've been loving at the mo' featured in this post


That's 'Snaps' covered, now on to Songs! So basically, I thought I may as well add a little music into the mix and include songs I've been listening to this week. I'm constantly listening to music - sometimes I get a little 'set in my ways' & don't explore other genres or artists' music so, hopefully this post can encourage me to do that!

Bastille - Overjoyed // Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? // The Vaccines - Melody Calling
The 1975 - Chocolate // Alt-J - Fitzpleasure

So, that's today's post! If you would like me to do more of these kinda posts, give me a little comment below & I'll see what I can do!

Do you like any of the songs or artists I've mentioned?

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wingin' It

I'm a huge fan of winged liner & so I'm constantly on the hunt for eyeliners that are long lasting & afforable. I had my eye on the Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner for a while & after reading a number  of good reviews I made the purchase. I got this in Boots for £7.99 (which I thought was reasonable enough!). It's in the colour 08 Black Gold, and is pretty much a black gel with gold shimmer in it but appears a dark brown / bronze-y colour on the lids. The 'stay power' of this liner is brilliant!! I mean, I can wear it all day and it will not budge. It's also really pigmented & a little goes a very long way - I've had this for a month now and have used it every day - it still looks like I've only used it once!

The packaging is sturdy -it comes in a cute little glass pot with a silver cap aswell as a little brush for application. The brush is just the perfect size for lining the eyes & allows you to create lines however thick or thin you want! Overall, this product is great - it has all you'll ever need in 1 little pack , so whether I feel like wingin' it or keeping in subtle I'll definitely be reaching for this!!

Have you tried this product before?

Now Playing: Foals - My Number // Miike Snow - Paddling Out

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lilac Lovin'

It's super sunny here in Ireland (for a change) & so I've grasped the opportunity to wear bright colours with both hands! I spotted this Barry M Nail Paint a while back in Boots for £2.99 and thought 'Why Not?' I never really bought bright nail polishes before that because as you can probably see I am very, very pale & thought that bright colours would exaggerate that, but BOY was I wrong!  

Rings // H&M - featured is this post   Barry M Nail Paint // Boots - featured in this post

The polish is in 'Berry Ice cream' and is a lovely pastel lilac colour - perfect for sunny, summer weather. It has a glossy finish and much to my surprise it is super long lasting! I wore this polish throughout my exams and despite the furious note taking and revision plus all of the fidgety nervousness I experienced - It did not chip for a whole 7 days!!  For the price I paid I am more than happy with the quality of this polish and would definitely recommend  it to anyone looking for a brilliant, yet affordable nail polish!

(I also just noticed how much lilac is in this post - Ooops! I never realised I liked it so much!!)

Have you ever tried Barry M Nail Paint?

Monday, 8 July 2013

Rimmel | Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick

I haven't posted in a while (a little while too long) & so thought I'd do a little post on a product I've been loving at the minute - Rimmel's Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick in 08. I've never been one for wearing lipsticks or tints, I've always been a Vaseline or Chapstick kinda gal and so I was curious to see what lip colours would suit my complexion (plus I kind of wanted to brighten up my makeup routine!). I rummaged through all of the Rimmel lipsticks before choosing this one & I mean they have a fantastic range of different shades and formulas for fantastic prices! 

Shade 08 can only be described as a blue-toned pink shade and personally I think it looks quite berry-ish on the lips. I bought this thinking it wasn't going to be very pigmented, but I was surprised by the quality of it and discovered that a little goes a long way - amazing! On me this colour looks very natural - it happens to be tiny bit darker than my natural lip colour and so just emphasises my lips a little. The finish is quite shimmery & dewy, it reflects light making the lips appear fuller and  it just generally adds a pop of brightness to my everyday makeup look during the summer.

The packaging of the product is sleek and durable allowing it to withstand the many obstacles & objects that are kept in your handbag. My only issue with this product is the fact that the shades aren't given names - a cute name would be much more memorable than a number & would make it easier to find a shade if it was recommended to you! For £5.49 I think this lipstick is brilliant (a real bargain!) & I will definitely be repurchasing this shade and some of the others in the future - I would definitely recommend this product!

Have you tried this product before?