Saturday, 30 May 2015

Looking Back

Finishing school for(hopefully)ever a few weeks back has left me with very little to do with my time and so out of curiosity I decided to see if I could even remember the password to this account. To my surprise out of a possible 4 username and password combinations I cracked it second time round and entered the ol' blog that I used to maintain. To say the least, now as an 18 year old soon to face moving out of home and into the big bad world of adult responsibilities and budgeting... I cringed, I cringed a bloody hell of a lot and in fact, I'm still cringing. But now I'm left with a decision; to start this bad boy up again or not. As much as the 15/16 year old me loved writing about fashion and beauty, I've found where my true interests lie and maybe this isn't so much the topic for me anymore, I've changed as a person from my ideas to my perception of the world and I'm excited for whatever lies ahead for this space of mine (if anything at all).

Thanks for reading through this little ramble if you did, I appreciate it!