Howdy! I thought I'd write this little 'About Me' page now, as I haven't had one since I started this blog & I guess it would be nice for you to know a little bit about the person behind it. I know I'm not a lover of long paragraphs so I think this is probably going to take the shape of a '25 facts' kinda thang.

1. My name is Rachael
2. I live in Ireland
3. I don't think I have one favourite colour but I tend to gravitate towards turquoise & teal a lot 
4. My first pet was a goldfish called 'Bubbles' but if that's not interesting enough my first mammal was a rabbit
5. I'm a Scorpio 
6. I'm a real foodie and I always seem to be hungry
7. I have no allergies (well, none that I'm aware of anyway)
8. I have never been to Starbucks
9. I don't like coffee, despite my mother's coffee addiction
10. I love art
11. I'm always listening to music on my iPod - I could never choose a favourite album or song
12. My first ever concert was Take That when I was 11 (lonngg story)
13. I don't bite my nails
14. I've had four teeth pulled out
15. I had braces for 2 and a half years - brace face!
16. I chipped both of my front teeth whilst playing basketball (it's fixed now!)
17. My teeth haven't had much luck
18. I love Alexa Chung -she's so cute & edgy
19. I also love winged liner
20. I like cameras &  I'm constantly looking at them, especially this one - how adorable
21. The camera I use mostly for my blog is the Panasonic Lumix FZ45
22. I prefer Winter to Summer
23. I like to think I'm organised but my room would state otherwise (ooops!)
24. I'm extremely pale - ughh!
25. I rarely reply to texts (and it really gets on peoples nerves) - Sorry! (not sorry!)

So, yeah! That's a little about me! Thanks for reading (if you made it this far!)