Sunday, 12 May 2013


Yesterday morning I popped into Specsavers to grab some contact lenses (because yes, I am blind as a bat!).  I received H&M's new 'Summer Season' catalogue (with BeyoncĂ© on the cover!!) in the post earlier that morning and so wanted to go for a little browse on my way out to see what they had in store. As I am lucky enough to be going to a music festival later in the month I wanted to buy some jewellery to go with my outfit. And so I did! I ended up making the very tough decision to buy earrings and a pack of rings (I was also going to buy a gold chain but came to the conclusion that I would never wear it).

I bought a set of 9 rings - I don't have many rings and these were only £3.99 so I thought Why Not? I love how they vary in size and because they are plain they will go with practically anything! I also purchased a pack of earrings and ear cuffs - I have developed a slight love for hooped earrings recently (I don't know why) as well as earcuffs as I feel they give an edgy element to any look and are pretty much effortless to put on (no fiddly earring backs... result!). These cost me £4.99 which I guess isn't bad considering they are good quality and don't look like they are going to break or snap anytime soon!

A quick side note for any fashion lovers... the H&M Life page on the H&M website is amazing for seeing any new trends or updates from your favourite style icons. Plus, it's updated daily to keep you right up to date on everything going on!

Thanks! x


  1. Not going to lie, my favourite all time H&M add has to be the David Beckham one *swoon*. Gorgeous rings though!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I loved the earrings !!! The rings also looks really nice ! H&M is one of my favorite places to shop !!!


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